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I am happy to announce the publication of “A New Theory of Cognition and Software Implementations in Information Technology” to be published in the April-June issue of the Journal of Information Technology Research, Vol. 2, Issue 2, 2009.


“The Scientific Method means that theories are developed to explain observed phenomena— similar to the task of text analysis—or to search for unobserved phenomena—similar to text retrieval. Theory development means testing a large number of proposed theories (hypotheses) until one is corroborated. To make theory development efficient, a method is needed to construct promising theories—ones more likely to succeed. Such a method is part of a new theory of cognition that is introduced. The theory is implemented in the software Readware. Readware uses theory development methods for text analysis and retrieval. Readware’s development, features and large-scale performance are reviewed. This includes a fast ontology-building system, the cross-lingual word-root theory base, a language to code theories, algorithms and ontology implementations, and software applications and servers that perform text analysis and retrieval using Readware API functions.”

Article copies are available for purchase from InfoSci-on-Demand.com.  You can also look for the publication in your local university library.

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